Conference rooms

By | 2014/09/11

Free Conference Rooms

Want to chat with friends or set up a business conference with up to 8 participants? Want it for free and easy to set up? Here you go!

No set up fee, no monthly fee, no per minute fees – just call and use it! The call will be charged as per your operator fees to Latvian landline.

To start using our service call (+371) 66045100
The system will ask for pin code.
If you want to protect your conference then enter pin (up to 5 digits) and # at the end and confirm.
If you don’t mind that your conference room will be unprotected then press 0#.
Then the system will issue a room number an repeat it.
System will hangup and from that moment you will have 48 hours to use theĀ  provided room number.
Share the issued number and the pin with all the parties.
Every party can join and leave the conference room at any time within the provided time frame.

There are several hotkeys, though, which you might want to know:

  • *1 – toggle speech mute
  • *4 – decrease listening volume
  • *6 – increase listening volume
  • *7 – decrease talking volume
  • *9 – increase talking volume
  • * – listen for available commands


Happy conferencing!